Roon ARC with iPad

Will Roon ARC work with iPad away from my home and Roon Core?

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Yes, if it’s an iPad with mobile connectivity and a cellular data plan. I’ve been using my iPad Mini 6 with Roon ARC for the past 2 days because I’m running out of hotspot data.

ARC will also work on an iPad on a remote (from your core) Wi-Fi network. I use it this way at hotels and friends houses.

Alternatively, if you can’t connect the iPad to a remote wifi and if it does not have cellular connectivity, you can turn on the hotspot option on your phone and connect the iPad per wifi to this hotspot, that will work too.

The only problem with that is you’re burning hotspot data that is usually limited, at least here in the US. Just use your phone if it has more regular data than hotspot data, as most do.

I see. Over here in Germany, the phone may use its cell data allotment in any way, either the phone itself or by allowing other devices to connect to the phone’s hotspot. It makes no difference at all (at least in all contracts I have seen or would consider, and not just in expensive ones).

I wish it worked that way here in the US.

I figure :slight_smile: This US thing is pure extortion. If the phone has, say, a 10 GB data plan, it does not matter for the cell provider at all if the phone itself or a hotspotted device uses it.

I think most here have unlimited data plans on their phones, so the providers limit hotspot data, otherwise people would abuse it with massive data use on their computers. I know I would. When at my MIL’s house, I average 10GB hotspot per day using Roon and internet. When my hotspot is used up, I switch to Roon ARC and/or Apple Music.

I have an unlimited data plan as well, and it’s the same with no hotspot restriction. (35 euros per month, as a data point). “Unlimited” data plans that are not actually unlimited are questionable in itself …
Though I guess my phone provider would have a word with me if I ran the Google servers over my phone :wink:

My wife and I have Verizon unlimited, never throttled data on our iPhones. Hotspot is 50GB each but gets throttled after that. I have two iPads with 30GB hotspot each, then throttled after that. I pay US$150 per month for these 4 plans. 160GB hotspot data usually does me for our normal 2 weeks stays, but this time, we’re here for 3 weeks. My MIL will turn 100 in 3 months.


I hope you have a good time and greetings from the other side of the pond!

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