Roon Arc With Telekom (Germany)?


It took my hours of trial and error until I found this forum by Google search and I’m not even sure anymore if Roon Arc can work with a dynamic IP address. I am a bit annoyed and wonder where there is a reasonable guide to the setup…
Instead of fancy advertising videos it would b nice to have a structured FAQ, how to set up Roon Arc…
I connect to the internet by Telekom VDSL with dynamic IP address.

All the best and thanks for any help


I would start here:

Hi @Andreas_Wistuba,

Please accept my apologies that I’d initially missed your message. The support team would be happy to provide assistance.

Other users with Deutsche Telekom have successfully enabled port forwarding via auto-configuration. If that’s initially failed for you, then there’s likely an easily-resolvable issue with UPnP or multiple layers of network address translation on your home network.

Looking through diagnostics on your account, it’s possible the modem/router combination you’re using is incorrectly configured. What are the settings in your modem port forwarding administration page? Be sure to obscure your IP address if sharing.

I recommend you look at this threads that have solved the issue for users in your situation:
Port Forwarding Instructions for (Most) Fritz!Box Users

A dynamic IPv4 address won’t necessarily block port forwarding, depending on the ISP’s implementation. However, you need to make sure you have a public IP that Roon/ARC can access, and that there’s not an additional layer of network address translation preventing ARC or your Core from pointing at one another. You may need to request a public IPv4 address - often available as a static public IPv4 - from Deutsche Telekom. You can pass along the following specific questions:

  • Have you implemented carrier-grade NAT for my account level?
  • Have you fully implemented IPv6, or do you have IPv4 addresses available?
  • Can I request a static IPv4 address to support port forwarding?
  • Are there any ports you have reserved at the ISP level I should be aware of?

@Andreas_Wistuba - Hi Andreas. I use DTAG and FRITZ!Box 7590 and it works fine.

Hi Andreas,

      I am on a Telekom connection with a dynamic IP and Roon arc works. You do need to configure manual port forwarding in your router (mine is Speedport Pro Plus).

Screenshot 2022-10-22 at 14.00.17

Hope that helps.


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