Roon ARC working with UAPP?


Is it possible to let Roon ARC output in Usb Audio Player Pro, in order to play bit perfect?

By integrating UAPP in an output section of ARC like HQplayer does in Zones?
Or like letting UAPP recourcing input from Roon ARC?

This would prevent the phone from standard resampling (to usually 48kbps) our beloved songs. I usually use OTG DAC’s on my phone like Audioquest Cobalt and Chord Mojo. I use UAPP a lot.



No it can’t. They have said they are looking at Android Audio to work around but not for this version it’s not a simple thing to just plug in.

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This is a very interesting idea.

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Thanks CrystalGypsy
AndoidAuto would be cool.
I bet marrying ARC & UAPP is not easy but hopefully doable for a future update.

If ARC could do the trick that UAPP does, it would not need UAPP. Meaning bypassing the phone driver with an own driver that respects bit perfect, obtainable at the usb port.

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ARC can´t play bitpefekt but has to resample. What a joke!!! And I who thought ROON was about HiFi.

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At least ARC does what Roon Remote does when playback over phone: the resampling to 48kbps happens in de Roon Core.
So we have a better quality resampling than an in-phone resampling.

Maybe, but why use ROON at all when UAPP does a better job?
In my ARC it says “streaming to ARC” and after that the resampling is taking place. So after the actual streaming? As I interpret this the resampling is done in the phone.

Not in ARC that’s handled device side but by ARCs code not the OS.

I suspect the request would be the other way, UAPP supports DNLA so I would expect it’s code would have to support RAAT if that is at all possible.

The UAPP guys seem pretty clued in so who knows.

I use UAPP with an SD card of FLAC files via my Audioquest dragonfly Red , it’s great