Roon ARC's Awful Network Connectivity: Time to Learn from Emby's Success!

The connection experience with Roon ARC is terrible as it often fails to connect to the server. I sincerely suggest taking a cue from Emby’s networking. Having deployed Emby myself, I find its connection method to be stable, reliable, and simple to set up. Once configured, there’s no need to fuss over it anymore. It’s my earnest hope that Roon engineers could learn from Emby.

Have you been in contact with your ISP regarding this?
Roon and ARC is working just fine elsewhere, but there are many variables at play here…
I don’t know Emby, but do they employ a similar architecture as Roon?

My network is functioning properly, and Roon ARC was also running smoothly for several months before it encountered issues. Even after enabling port forwarding, I am still unable to connect remotely. I hope the developers can draw inspiration from Emby’s networking approach, as Emby’s remote access is indeed stable, smooth, and very convenient. Although these two systems have different architectures, I hope the developers of Roon can gain insights from it.

Roon is costly enough. Emby just add more cost to streaming.

Sorry Mikael but this isnt the ISP, ARCs networking doesn’t cope well at all with spotty cellular and gives poor connection messages and fails to stream even when cellular data is restored, I get it time and time again on my commute to work and many others find the same. Wifi no issues at all. Cellular in some areas is pretty up and down and some apps just deal better with this in many ways, Other apps including PlexAmp manage to bridge these network drops with better recovery on restoring connection (ARC just fails outright and refuses to restore it) and have larger user controlled caches to allow for caching more ahead with different settings for wifi and cellular. Ive given up on ARC on for commuting as its a frustrating experience, where PlexAmp just works.