Roon as an Airplay device?

(See Can Roon be used as a Airplay device? - #2 by paaj)
Because it is not a feature suggestion, so I take it up again in this section.

It would be great if Roon could act as a Airplay receiver and forward / stream the content to all my loudspeakers / roon endpoints…

I understand that Roon is a audio manager not an audio endpoint.
BUT there are use cases it would be great! Considering Roon as audio manager (certainly not as library manager).
For example I often listen to Podcasts. It would be great when I could stream a Podcast via Airplay to Roon. And Roon just forwards the audio stream to my different endpoints in my house, all set-up and grouped in Roon. Currently I have to hassle around connecting my different endpoints manual via airplay to my iPhone. It works, but just “pushing” the airplay stream to Roon would be much much easier.

Take a look here -

WIll require a bit of tinkering, but it works

This will do that.