Roon at my vacation home

I am wanting to implement streaming audio via roon at my vacation home. Is this possible?
Thanks, Ken

Well you would need to install a Roon Core capable piece( Nucleus, laptop, PC etc).
You could then install the full Roon package on it and when you get to the vacation home you deauthorise your main home Roon Core and then authorize your new vacation home Roon Core.
That is assuming you just wanted to stick with your one existing Roon license.

If all you wanted to do is then to use it to stream Qobuz and Tidal, you login to those services and you should be all set.

If you also wanted to take your own music, just copy that to an external USB drive, point Roon at that as a music folder when you have it up and running at the vacation home and it will scan its contents.

Obviously you then need some audio gear for Roon to play too but one assumes you have that in hand.
Good luck


I think Kevin pretty much nailed it, other than you want to grab a backup of your Roon database and restore it on the new core device. I use dropbox for backups which connects to both my mac mini (normal core) and my laptop (vacation core). There are several people in the forums that do this, so just ask if you have questions.

EDIT: some people just pack up their core and bring with them (i assume they are driving not flying)

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Thank you both for your replies. I guess I am wishing to just log into my same account on a different core.
I do see those options:
-Travel with my Core - not ideal.
-Make a new core - I do travel with my laptop, and it has Roon Core on it. But I have bad history having to restore my database and I am reluctant to deauthorize my main core when it is working.

I feel it is easier to just get a streamer that can stream my Tidal and Qobuz accounts.

Thanks, Ken

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I understand.
If all you really want to do is stream Tidal and/or Qobuz then maybe your existing smartphone or tablet is all you need?
Unless you absolutely need hires they should be more than adequate to connect to a DAC and just enjoy the music.

Thanks again!

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I use core + 16GB + 4TB Samsung SSD + Ubuntu Server 20.04.3. I carry it between home and vacation in a nice Pelikan case, easy to set up at both ends.

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I tried doing the de-auth and auth thing using a Dropbox backup but got tired of restoring backups and keep everything the way I wanted. As my database got larger it became more and more tedious.

I now only use Roon at home and have Audirvana (and key albums) installed on my laptop which also integrates with both Qobuz and Tidal for on the road. I connect a DAC/AMP (Dragonfly or Mojo) to my laptop if I want to listen on either speakers or headphones.

In case I travel without a laptop, I have a copy of my library on Vox/Loop and use an iPhone app to listen to high-res over a portable dongle DAC/AMP

Alternatively the Hugo2/2Go combo also gives wireless access to Qobuz and Tidal, but I don’t like the app interface that well, though the sound is excellent.

So what happened to me is that while at home I browse and listen to music in my library, on the road I spend more time discovering music on streaming services as I do not have the browsing experience that Roon gives me. I normally end up adding new music to my library when I return home.

Thank you Mark, your thoughts on the de-auth and re-auth parallel mine. But I do want a better DAC though. I do not travel per say, but go to a set vacation home. I appreciate good digital, and have a Mola Mola Tambaqui with my Audionet electronics and YG Hailey’s at my home. So my quest here is to find a sweet spot between value and quality for the every other weekend home. I can use my laptop, stream Tidal and Qobuz, but still want a good DAC. And once I get my toes that far into the water I might as well have it stream also so I can get my Macbook out of the equation. I can live without my Roon favorites and playlists, and just like you said, it causes me to explore new music!
I thought the Cambridge CXN ticked all the right boxes, but I know I will be unhappy with the DAC. I have a nice preamp, Halo amp and venerable B and W N802’s so they should sound good with a nice source. Anyway, lots of streamer / DAC combo’s out there, just a matter of price I guess. I looked at the Chord Qutest after your post, but that is not cheap either.
The new Topping looks nice for under 1000, but no stream so plugging in my Macbook, which I then wonder where it went because I need to use it!
Sorry for the long post, but die appreciate your thoughts! Ken