Roon awoke my interest

Im a newbie since a couple of mounth, but an earlyaccess user.

Roon gave me back my interest for Music and quality

Roon is fantastic :hugs:

The only thing I want moore is Apple Music
Qobuz is quality but booring
TIDAL is good but you need special gear to use it

Apple Music has it all

Hope you will solve the crashing issue on iPad and iPhone soon

Sorry for my Swenglish (swedish/english) :joy:

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Glad you are happy with the Roon experience! One thing to comment is that Apple are probably the least likely to partner with Roon, and unlike using an API it does require a true partnership. Tidal doesn’t actually require special gear. If you have Roon it will get the job partly done. There will be no downside (unless you dislike MQA on a matter of principle). And not all files are MQA.

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Roon has two availible musicservice
What happens if one or booth goes down or change to the cloud?

If by ‘goes down’, you mean out of business, then that’s an ongoing concern.

Don’t understand what this means. Being streaming services, both are already in the cloud.

I ment if booth start to use the same technic as Apple Spotify etc

And yes … it is possible in the Future one or booth goes out of buissiness

I like TIDAL and have the gear for full decoding. But I think Roon has to find out an solution to implement Apple to

That’s why I buy CDs.

I think Roon would love to implement Apple, but on Roon’s terms only. It’s Apple that won’t play.

All this has been beaten to death in other threads.

Yes it has

But still on my list :v:

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Me too
I have 3300 + CD
A LOT of MFSL and XRCD the best of the best

How can a supplier be “boring”? Isn’t it the content you are looking for?
Qobuz has clearly stated that they will maintain third party integrations while also pushing the “Connect” technique for user of their service.

It is not the music that is is boring …
it is the service

No playlist
My family is Young and prefer Spotify and Apple maybe TIDAL


I started with digital music many years ago and even if I am new Whith Roon I am not a newbie … and not old in mind.
Listen to my kids and it is the kids WHO Will take over with Roon When we are old

Hey @Eric_Sahlvall, I understand where you’re coming from. I’m a fairly new Roon user, and I’ve got almost 12 years invested in Spotify (signed up the week it became available in the States). Plus I share a Spotify Family Plan with my two daughters, and we share music recs using Spotify. I still use Spotify outside Roon to listen to some of my old playlists as it takes some work to get a Spotify playlist converted to a Qobuz playlist (using Soundiiz) so I can then import the music into Roon. Then actually getting the tracks from a Qobuz playlist into your Roon library is a two-step process, so after going to the effort to port several over, I no longer do it very often. Too much trouble. So I’m stuck with having to use two different setups on a near daily basis.

I would love to have a Roon/Spotify integration like exists with Qobuz. But unfortunately, Roon needs Spotify’s cooperation to make that happen, and sadly I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

Hi Jim
Use soundliz to
Booth from Spotify and Apple to Qobuz and TIDAL
Automatik uppdated every second day

Understand the problem but hope there will be an solution inte the Future. Bluesound use a connection with Spotify app and both Spotify and Apple are integrated in Sonos.

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I think I follow what you’re getting at. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion. I was aware you can auto-sync using Soundiiz, but I’ve never tried it.

I’m aware. Was using Spotify:Connect to listen to my Top Songs 2022 playlist yesterday, and was sharing some of them in the music rec threads. Which if you haven’t taken a look at before, you should. You’ll get to see all these great recs from the Roon music fanatics.

I couldn’t agree more my friend. Take care.