Roon backup folder?

Hi guys,

Need some help. I’ve recently added back Roon core to the Windows 11

I have the Roon backup in Microsoft OneDrive but can’t seem to get it to take the back up file. I have a file name with a lot of characters and then many sub folders. Really struggling here.

Could anyone advise?

That’s fine, they are not for you to read but for the database. In your chosen backup folder there should be a folder RoonBackups, below that one file named _roon_backup_root_ and a folder with a gibberish name and many subfolders:

Be aware that this is only the database backup, not a backup of local music files you may have. Those must be backed up separately.


Much appreciated. Yes that’s the file but it doesn’t like it when I select it ?. Strange. I’ll try again.

What does that mean? It can take a while to load after selecting it because of the many subfolders, probably more so if it’s on OneDrive. (When backing up to Dropbox from within Roon, it’s a known behavior that it takes ages to restore the backup from there)

I highlighted it and then selected it and says no backup found.

Not sure what is happening?

Says No Backup Found?

Maybe backing up directly into the OneDrive folder does not work as expected? Don’t know. There are other reports on the forum where it seems to have worked just fine. Well, at least people said that backing up worked, can’t see if they tried restoring :wink:

However, I just found this:

Try backing up to a local folder on the computer and try if it can find the backup then

Ok thanks. So will probably have to start again. I’ll check if i have other back ups. Shoukd have. Thanks

There’s this -

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Oh, I forgot that you are not trying to back up in this moment, but to restore. :frowning: I hope you find another backup!

(Tip, though I guess you noticed already: After setting up a backup, verify that it restores successfully, before you actually need it)

Hmmm, @Adam_Hextall, try copying the backup out from the OneDrive folder to a local folder, and then try to restore the backup from that copy. Maybe that helps with any OneDrive metadata interference

Done. So copied the files from OneDrive to music folder and Roon recognised it. All sorted. Thanks

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