Roon + BLACK FRIDAY 2019

Roon + BLACK FRIDAY 2019

We usually skip out from the Black Friday sales, but this year we are going to try something new: discounted pricing on Nucleus hardware.

In the course of manufacturing Nucleus hardware, sometimes units get damaged. When the damage is cosmetic only, we use them as demonstration units for traveling salespeople, trade shows, etc. Those uses often get cosmetic damage anyway, so it’s an excellent use of less-than-perfect merchandise.

We often receive requests for discounted “demo” or “refurbished” Nucleus all the time, but we’ve never sold these units to the public before.

This Black Friday, we are offering a limited number of these units to the public at a 20% discount. These are perfectly functional units with no damage beyond minor dings or scratches and have never been sold or repaired. They all come with a full warranty, except for covering cosmetic damage.

If you are putting your Nucleus or Nucleus+ in a rack, a dark room, or if you have bad vision ( :slight_smile: ) – these are a great deal!

These available for sale only in the US, and they are available right now at our Amazon storefront.

This special pricing of $1119 for Nucleus and $1999 Nucleus+ will end at the end of Dec 2nd, 2019 (EST), or while supplies last. There is a limited number of units available, so get them while you can. Once they are gone, the deal will be over.

Below are some examples of the types of damage you can expect. Your unit may be different from these photos, but this is a good representation.


Thanks. I just ordered a Nucleus.

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I guess I’m all in now, lifetime Roon, Nucleus, one year of Qobuz, and 6 months of Tidal.

Roon $499.00 (lifetime)
Nucleus $1119.00
Qobuz $149.99 (one year)
Tidal $99.95 (6 months)


That’s commitment. :+1:

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Well, I’ve been waiting for something to push me over the edge and this Black Friday sale was it.

I also just ordered my Nucleus!

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I suppose I need to order an SSD drive for my Nucleus. Do I also need to order a mount or do these Black Friday Nucleus come with an SSD mount. I was going to order a modest size Samsung 860 EVO. I really don’t have any music of my own but a handful of albums. I assume a single mount is what I need.

Nice to see roon has grown on you James…I recall much trepidation in your early use.


Bravo James. For a man who was on the verge of walking away that is quite a turnaround. But I remember being the same. I declined after my first trial, did some reading and tried again following Roon’s recommendations. I finally went all in after the release of ROCK which was just a joy after managing Windows and Linux installations.

The hardware for mounting a SSD in a Nucleus should come with the box. I can’t imagine it would be a separate purchase.


Nothing else is needed to install a SSD into the Nucleus. Just a screwdriver and you’re good to go!

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Thanks (10 characters).

Next will be upgrading your speakers :wink: (sorry, I am kidding. Keep yours peace at home.)

Is this offer still good ?

Until Dec 2 or while stocks last.

Ok is it a an i7 ?
And where the heck do i buy it ?

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At our Amazon storefront. The link is in the post above.

Why US only?

Distributors in non-US countries are in charge of sales in those territories. These Amazon sales are coming directly from the us, the manufacturer and the only territory we sell direct in is the US.

Danny, will these come with Roon 1.7 loaded and ready to go with a fresh install?

Probably not. But it’ll ask to update on first run the update is really really fast.