Roon - Black strips on PC and iPad - When pressing a new album

After the latest update I have noticed some black strips that shows up when pressing a new album. Looks like this:

Only happens the first second after pressing a new album. Happens on iPad 11 and PC (Windows 11)

Never had that before


It seems to me to be simply waiting for text to be fetched from your chosen online source. Once the text (or none) is located the bars are replaced with the text or removed.

@Geoff_Coupe - You are probably right - but I never had it before.

You never had the choice to choose between Tivo or Wikipedia sources before either.

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What @Geoff_Coupe said.

It was improved after earlyaccess feedback but not yet fully gone. It may get better when Roon users have started to populate the server-side caches with fetched content

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