Roon + bluesound vault 2

I am testing Roon, and I am hesitating quite a lot, due to this damn expensive price for the license.

I would like a perfect soft, for this price…

I have a bluesound vault 2 which is a ripper and also a DAC/streamer, Roon ready. Do you know if it is possible to launch the CDs stored on the bluesound, from Roon?

I understand that I must use the Bluesound as a NAS.

When I go in Settings --> Storage in Roon, it is required to populate the path for the bluesound.

Could you give me the information I should use here?

I have found this information (from Bluesound team):

So you should be able to point to the Vault’s contents/ripped CDs as a Network Share, using the \IP_ADDRESS\Music path (if a username is needed, use Guest (no password) ).

I have tried to use my IP address (IPV4). It doesn’t seem to work.

Any idea?

You can use a Bluesound Vault as a NAS, but they are terribly slow and imo not really fit for purpose. The easiest way to find the address to your devices should be using your routers DHCP table, where it displays it’s leases.
Your Vault also shows its ip address through the Diagnostics-page, second from bottom of their menu.
You don’t need to add a username or password and your Vaults addrsss would most likely be something in the vein of:


But you need to check your particular settings.

Where is your Roon Core located? You will be a happier user of Roon should you decide to copy your Vault library contents to a local drive connected to the Roon Core (USB or Internal)

Thanks for the invormation, everything works, now.
Wha does “imo” means?

What is the outcome of that? From what I see, it seems to be correct. Does that mean that the sound quality won’t be correct?

I have another question.
I am wondering, if I choose to buy Roon, what is the best solution for what I want. I would anybody in my house being able to launch the music from his PC. The fact that we only have one core pc is very annoying, as you need to have one PC always turned on.

I have seen in this article, that a good solution could be to buy a “simplified” PC that would be only dedicated to the music.
Yet it is 500€ in addition to the 700$ for Roon. It’s becoming crazy. Is there a best solution?

Imo~”in my opinion”
It works if your library is not to big, or your files are not high rez. Otherwise the Vault will struggle delivering content to your Roon Core and then back again to the Vault for playback. I suggest you use it as a primary storage, where you rip and place downloads. Then synchronize those files to an external USB drive connected to your Roon Core, and point your Core towards that USB drive instead.

Regarding Roon Optimized Core Kit i can’t recommend it highly enough. Find a well working second hand NUC of gen 6, 7 or 8, an i3 will do just fine. I bought a NUC7i3BNK for €150 last week, complete with m.2 harddrive and 8Gb RAM. I attached my backup external USB and it now manages a library of 150.000 tracks without a hickup!

I plan to use the DSP feature. They say that:
We recommend the NUC10i7FNH with 8GB RAM and 128GB (or more) M.2 SSD for large libraries (12k+ albums) or heavy DSP use.

If I find a NUC like yours, for 150€, is it enough? I feel that I could face some troubles…

Thats very difficult to answer, Antoine. Are you planning to use upsampling to DSD256 or more and apply complex Convolution filters at the same time, to more than one endpoint, the i3 will struggle, but so will the i7 NUC.
I have a library of around 150.000 tracks in various resolutions, use mostly one endpoint at a given time. My use of DSP is limited to upsampling, but the i3 manages DSD512 with a reasonable margin.
For me, the i3 does everything i want, but you might have other needs.

I think so. Not myself, but I know a guy who will help me with that.