Roon Bridge DAC discovery issue


Firstly, overall I am very happy with 1.2

However, I am having an issue with DAC discovery via Roon bridge. At first everything was working well, but 24 hours after installing, I started to have issues with my Roon bridge zone disappearing. I am running core on a 2013 iMac and roonbridge on a low spec windows laptop with Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2. When it works its great, but if I stop using for any length of time the Dragonfly is lost. A reboot of Roon and the laptop usually solves this, but its a bit inconvenient. I have disabled firewall on the laptop and ensure power management is “always on” It maybe network related but I never had a single hiccup with network connectivity on Roon 1.1 and network traffic looks minimal. I am connecting wirelessly to the laptop, so would a wired Ethernet connection be preferred for Roon bridge reliability ? As I say, I suspect this is a network issue but I am looking for some advice on how best to minimise the likelihood of this issue. When it is found and connected the streaming is flawless and will run without issue for hours…

On further examination it seems that by quitting and restarting roon bridge on the Windows 10 laptop I can reconnect to the core with a reasonable degree of reliability

It’s not particularly user friendly but I guess I will live with it !

Hey @Paul_Butler – sorry for the slow response here. We had some stability issues in Windows that we’ve now resolved in a Windows-only update of Roon Bridge, Build 19.

Can you check Settings > About and make sure your Windows machine is running that build, and if you’re still having a problem, let me know ok?


Hey Mike - no worries. It would seem you guys have been busy :expressionless:

Will check build 19 this evening and report back