Roon Bridge Name - User Specified or Support for Pretty Hostname

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In Roon the Roon Bridge name equals the hostname of my raspberry pi - is there a way to change this opposed to changing the hostname which has certain limits? See below sample where i changes th host name to Project-Stream-Box-S2-Ultra.

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Hi Emil,

You can change the Zone name to anything you want in Zone Settings. Is that what you were asking ?

Hi Andy - if you look at the Roon Advanced Audio Transport line in the image - the name there equals the host name of the device that runs the bridge, in this case a Raspberry Pi - for now I updated the hostname but wanted to check if there is a better way to do it so that I can use spaces :slight_smile:

I don’t think that can be done in Roon. Let’s see if anyone with more network smarts than me can help.

You should change the name in the RPi host name…what distro are you using? I suggest you try if you are not on it already

Exactly what I did - standard Buster no issues - Was just hoping to change it to something that is not limited to host name conventions.

Host name conventions are just that…the have to adhere to what works everywhere - as there are standards I guess.

Found halve a solution - Raspbian support pretty name so if devs can look for pretty vs static then can be anything. Look for pretty and if not found revert to static/transient.


Sample below


Hi @Emil_de_Villiers,

I’ve adjusted the topic’s subject and moved it over to the feature Request section of the forum.
Let’s see how much traction it gets.

Much appreciated thank you Carl

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