Roon Bridge Network Ports

I have a Roon Bridge running under Linux, alas behind a firewall.

I have searched and found:
TCP 9001 - 9002
UDP 9003

I have opened these ports but still no joy. From digging in the logs it looks like jsonserver could be the culprit. This service appears to bind on random ports, this does not play nice with firewalls.

Is there an official list of ports that should be opened?

Hello @Steve_Waterworth,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this request. I just want to confirm here, if the firewall is turned complexly off you do not experience any issues connecting to your Roon Bridge? We usually advise customers to add both Roon and RAATServer as exceptions in their firewall settings, does the firewall you have support such a feature to exclude an entire app? Please let me know.


Yes everything works just fine with the firewall off.
My firewall does not have settings for Roon Bridge hence why I am asking what the port numbers are, so I can add them manually.

The firewall is between Roon Core and Roon Bridge.

  • UDP port 9003
  • TCP ports 9100-9200

As I mentioned in my original post I have already allowed through ports UDP 9003 and TCP 9100 - 9200 and it is not working.

Looking at the logs it would appear that the Core is trying to connect to jsonserver on the Bridge. However jsonserver appears to start on a random port each time.

Any more ideas?

Hello @Steve_Waterworth,

Thanks for letting me know. I would have to confirm with the tech team the current ports (as they are subject to change) but in the recent past another user has noted these ports:

Please let me know if those ports work for you.


Just to throw in my experience. I too have UDP 9003 and TCP 9100-9200 open in UFW, yet find that my RPi endpoints aren’t identified when restarting Roon Server.

I resolve this simply by stopping and restarting UFW.