Roon Bridge on DietPI: impossible to update from build 164 to 167 [Resolved by Dan_Knight (DietPi Creator)]

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It’s a problem with Dietpi. There is a Dietpi-section in this forum. Ask there.


It appears I won’t be recommending Roon ever again. This is ridiculous. “Go look in another forum”? That will solve the issue in locations I can’t get to?

(Philo Melos) #67

There is a Dietpi section on this forum. Ask your question there.

(Eric Stewart) #68

Hi @Neil_Small — Thank you for the follow up here regarding “RoonBridge” running on your Diet Pi and the issue you are currently experiencing.

I wanted to touch base because I see that you had been engaged not only by the Roon support team here but also Dan Knight as well, who offered a way to update the Pi as requested. I can see that others have taken the update and they seem satisfied with the results. Have you given Dan’s instructions a go yet?

Also, just to echo what Mike had mentioned in his response to you in that thread. The last release was a core update only so any Roon bridge devices should not have been affected by the update in any way.


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I see now! This must be a rogue chatbot that has latched on to the forum, as a real user would have read the responses and fixed their problem by now.

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Is Build 164 not working for you? What feature in 167 are you seeking? Getting the update will change nothing except you won’t see that message "Checking for an update? And for the hundredth time THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH ROON. The device you have chosen to use utilizes DietPi. The issue is with DietPi so if you are never going to recommend something again it should be devices running DietPi.


It appears my only solution is to order 5 new SD cards (I’ve done 5 installs out side of mine), and build new images for each person I configured DietPi and Roon Bridge. This isn’t what I had in mind when I convinced friends (and friends of friends) to use Roon. Fingers crossed they will be able to swap the SD card with no damage. These people don’t have a clue how the Pi works - they trusted me to do this. Aye carumba.


What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

If it’s simply replicating one install 5x then use fsarchiver to back up the install and write it out to each SD card. Simple.

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Pi solutions are really aimed at the hobbyist and distributing them to non-technical people is a bit off centre.
If you want to keep using Pi based end points then RoPieee might be a better solution for the use you are describing as it self updates.

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How hard will it be to use terminal to upgrade DietPi? Windows 10 and macOS and of course Linux all have built in SSH program, just relax and enjoy it.