Roon Bridge on Intel Nuc

I have an Intel Nuc with Roon installed. Now I want to add Roon Bridge to this Nuc. I have seen three: (x64), (armv7hf) and (armV8). Which one should I have? Please inform me if there are more certain things that I need to know.
best regards, Wim van Kraanen

why would you do that?

No need to install bridge, just play using Roon

And if that NUC is your core, the same applies…

From earlier posts of yours, I think you have installed ROCK on your NUC.

This means that you already have the Output function of Roon installed as part of the Core on your NUC. You don’t need to (and can’t) install a Roon Bridge package as well.

No need. Go into audio settings and enable the appropriate audio device on the NUC (presumably HDMI 0 or a USB connected DAC).,

Maybe I was not clear enough. I use Roon, being an audio distributor in Holland. I have two listening rooms. In each room I have a streamer with Roon installed. Yes, on the NUC I have Roon Rock. The second streamer is a Grimm Audio MU1. It has an Intel NUC inside and it also works with Linux OS. I have only one Roon subscription. That is why I want to use Roon Bridge. My goal is that with Roon Bridge on one of the two streamers I can stream music from internet and from the harddisk inside the MU1, in both listening rooms. For a first test I want to install Roon Bridge on the NUC. I do not want to take the risk to damage the software that is already on the expensive MU1.
My question was: which Roon Bridge software should I download? My 2nd question is now: when I download the Bridge software to the NUC and open it, will it find it’s path automatically?
Best regards, Wim

You still don’t need Roon bridge. Set the MU1 as your Roon core and deathorise Roon core on the Nuc if it has ROCK installed. It then will be seen as just an endpoint by Roon server running on the MU1 and you can use it as it is to stream ROCK acts as a Roon bridge on its own.

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… deathorize just cracked me up …

Of course, @CrystalGipsy is absolutely on the mark, de-authorize your Rock, Wim, and you’ll be all set.

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Dear CrystalGipsy,
I have tried your solution and it works. Thank you very much.

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Jolly good.

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