Roon Bridge on Raspberry Pi 3 Running Windows 10 IOT Core?

Subject says it all!

'nuff said !

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Sorry - I don’t understand your reply. Will the Windows version of the Roon Bridge run on a Raspberry Pi running Windows 10 IoT Core?

Doubt it as there’s only a wintel and Linux 64 bit build of Server and Roon Bridge and an Arm 64 bit Linux build of Roon Bridge.

that is correct. We don’t have a build for that platform.

Can I ask why you are running Windows 10 IoT Core instead of Linux? Why add the complexity of Windows to such a tiny platform?

Not that I will, but if I did want to use a pi with an exasound dac it would have to be windows based as there aren’t any Linux drivers, so I won’t.

… and those drivers that exist for Exasound work on Windows 10 IoT Core?

That would be yet another reason not to.

Danny, will the exclusion of Win10 IoT continue to be the position Roon takes as processing power continues to improve on the RasPi? One other consideration is that there are likely many users (“tinkerers”) like myself, that don’t know much about the Linux OS, or the command line interface.

My comment on Windows “complexity” over Linux from 3 years ago is an opinion, but not the reason for lack of support.

The reason we don’t support it is because of a lack of demand. The lack of any feedback on this post for almost 3.5 years demonstrates no demand.