Roon Bridge on Raspberry PI 4 image file


I just build a Roon Bridge endpoint based on the latest Arch Linux distribution and the Roon Bridge software. It took me some time but now it runs perfectly and sounds even better. It runs on a Raspberry PI 4b.

For those of you who are interested doing the same here’s the link to the Arch Linux image file. Flash it to a SD card, follow the instruction on the Roon website about installing Roon Bridge on Linux and you’re ready to go.

Use the ‘Roon Bridge armv7hf’ instructions. The last line should be executed as root user and without ‘sudo’. Do this by enabling root privileges using the ‘su’ command, password ‘root’ and then run the script by typing './’

Arch user = alarm, password = alarm.
Root password = root




I’m pretty new to all this. How is this different than using Ropieee for a RPi?

It’s similar but my image is leaner and only supports running Roon Bridge. It offers no additional other functionalities.


Would a non-linux guy (C#, SQL, programmer) be able to figure it out? I’ve got two RPi 4s. Could afford to mess around with one.

I think so. After flashing the image to a SD card, it’s just a matter of following the instructions from the Roon website.


Regular RoPieee only supports Roon Bridge.

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