Roon Bridge on Ubuntu 22.04 Stops Playing Audio After Update

I’ve got Roon Bridge running on x64 Ubuntu 22.04 with a Topping D90 DAC plugged into USB2 port. I have configured and can see the DAC on my Android phone acting as a remote. I can play music for a few minutes and change songs. If there’s a sample rate change, the DAC follows the rate correctly. However, I performed an update on 22.04 this afternoon (currently running kernel 5.15.0-58-generic) and now audio will play for a few minutes then simply not play audio anymore. The Roon Remote on Android shows that the time in the song is not increasing. Skipping to a new song doesn’t play any audio either. Skipping to a new song with a different sample rate doesn’t play audio either. If I run ‘systemctl status roonbridge.service’ I see that the service is running. If I look in /var/roon/RoonBridge/Logs/ at the log files, there’s nothing in them to suggest that the DAC is gone or that there’s a connectivity issue. If I look at in Roon Remote > SETTINGS > AUDIO I still see the DAC. If I look in Roon Remote > SETTINGS > ABOUT I still see the Roon Bridge on the latest 1.8 version. I’m not sure where to go from here.

If I unplug and re-plug the USB DAC (no rebooting of anything) Roon Remote can play audio again.

Did you try rebooting both the core and the PC?

I’ve rebooted the PC several times with the same result. The core lives on a different machine and haven’t tried rebooting it. The fact that I can unplug and plug in the DAC makes me think it’s the RB PC that’s the issue.