Roon Bridge Release Notes

Where can I read change log for a particular version?
For example for v.1.0 build 167, 164, 156, etc.
Automatic updates don’t work for NanoPi and I don’t know if I should try to manually update the version of Roon Bridge :frowning:

I can’t find the change log for Roon Bridge on your link, for example, for version 1.0 build 167. If you help me find it, I’ll be glad.

I mean the versions of Roon Bridge and not the versions of Roon OS :frowning:

For example:

Roon 1.5 (Build 334) Release Notes
Roon Build 334 replaces Build 333 for OSX, Windows, Windows (64 Bit), and Linux.
Android, and iOS apps remain at Build 333, both available from the App Store or Play Store respectively. Please make sure to update all devices.
Build 164 of Roon Bridge is also live for all platforms.
All platforms and apps should update automatically.

But there is no change log for Build 164 of Roon Bridge :frowning:

Spotted this too:

@Martin_Webster please write yourself here any changes in any version of Roon Bridge .

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I think you’ll find that Roon Bridge is only updated when there are changes to the RAAT SDK, which is used to build parts of Roon Remote, Desktop and Roon Bridge, or the auto-update mechanism.

If you view the release notes you will see that Roon Bridge isn’t always updated. When it is, there is an update to all platforms.

Regarding auto-update not working, please see the other link I posted since this describes a similar issue including a fix.

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Martin, I am interested in what specifically changes in version build 167 in comparison with version build 156. Can you tell me specifically? Please.
Or anybody. Please.

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Roon Bridge builds are released with Roon releases, the release notes do not separate out what changed in Bridge specifically. @Martin_Webster already linked to the relevant Roon release notes.

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Hehe I can sense Katun’s @Katun frustration here.

We know the Roon Bridge version numbers go up. We no there’s no mention of what changed when the version number went up in the release notes.

I believe he’s asking specifically what changed (under the hood) with Roon Bridge going from 156 to 167 (for example).

Nobody here would have a clue (respectfully) because no details are shared in the release notes - so it’s best to direct the question to Roon @support to see if they can share what changed “under the hood”

It’s not life and death for me to know of course but I have always been semi curious why the numbers go up but there’s no mention of any change. Must be very very minor changes.

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I’d expect the release notes to list any major, user-visible changes. Since they do not, I’d let sleeping dogs (releases) lie. The change made no difference on my Allo USBridge with DietPi.

Agreed. He’s allowed to ask Roon the question though :wink:

Let’s wait for Roon to reply.

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Roon staff ignores me. It’s a pity. :frowning:

Hi Katun,

No I think they respond if you tag them. I tagged Support for you above. Just give it some time (different timezones etc).

Hi Sean! OK. Just in my case (direct connection of the NUC Rock to the endpoint via ethernet) is not very easy to manually update the Roon Bridge every time. :frowning:

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Roon Bridge runs basically the same code as any other RAAT zone, and when there are notable changes to RAAT they’re detailed in release notes.

Our build environment and dependencies can change from time to time, so we periodically release Bridge updates as a matter of course, even when there are no substantive changes to RAAT. Sometimes a Bridge update may include minor stability or performance improvements, but its generally not because we made changes to Roon Bridge directly.

Point being – its good to stay current, but nothing of note has changed in Roon Bridge recently.


Why would you do this? As stated elsewhere, there is no route so auto-update won’t work for you.

OK. Do I need to update Roon Bridge every time? If not, when it is necessary to update Roon Bridge - will there be a mandatory notification in Release Notes in this case?

  1. For better sound.
  2. To update Roon Bridge.