Roon Bridge vs Roon Ready question

Hi, I currently have this setup: ROCK/NUC → (Ethernet) → Lumin T2 Roon Ready streamer → preamp

I’m thinking of replacing the Lumin with a combination of a Kitsune Holo Red plus a DAC. The Holo is a Roon Bridge.

In my desired configuration, what functionality will be missing or SQ issues might crop up? I don’t quite understand what Bridge vs Ready differences are. Thanks

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A bridge is what it sounds like a device that bridges between roon server and a dac. The bridge could be a specific device or a pi,pc, Mac etc.
Roon ready is for an Ethernet device that uses RAAT.

But I still don’t understand what features I’ll be missing if I go from a roon ready to a bridge. Volume control through Roon? What else

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It all depends on what DAC you select and how it is connected to the Roon bridge.

If it’s a USB DAC and supports hardware volume control then Roon will be able to control it, just like it would if it was connected directly to the Roon Core Server.

If it’s a SPDIF connected DAC Roon will not even be aware it’s connected (SPDIF is one way comms).

Power management you will need to ensure your dac is powered up all the time for Roon to see the zone and if your using it with other inputs manually switch it over,


I’ll be connecting the Holo to my PS Audio DirectStream DAC through i2s (so neither USB nor SPDIF).

Why, this DAC is Roon Ready, why not just connect it via the network?

Roon Core → LAN (RAAT) → PS Audio DirectStream DAC

This is the most elegant way, no bridge and no additional interfaces.

Wait what? :poop:

I’ve had it for years. Hire come no one told be about it?

Check out

No the problem is to need the PSA Bridge to make the DS DAC roon ready. Note I remember.

It’s an add on network card which adds noise to the DAC

I bet ps audio would beg to differ :rofl:

Actually no. Paul the CEO himself said it. That’s why they’re supposedly coming out with a separate isolated box that replaces the bridge. And they were working on their own Roon Ready galvanically isolated streamer called AirLens, but that’s delayed now. I was waiting for it, but now looking other alternatives