ROON build 1211 causing QNAP NAS to reboot

Experimented with QNAP support for weeks to isolate the cause of random QNAP NAS reboots - the ROON application. Don’t know which ROON job is causing the NAS to reboot but through the process of isolation, it points to the ROON app. It’s a TVS-472XT with SSD drives and 8GB of RAM.

Anyone else having an issue?

Is your NAS firmware up to date? I have a TVS-672XT with two M.2 SSDs for the cache, 8GB RAM and SSDs in the bays and it updated the firmware last week. My Roon core and library are on this NAS and I have not had any issues.

Hi. Yes, latest firmware. Had QNAP check it out for a week and download logs, etc. Have two M.2 SSDs for cache, 8GB of RAM, and 4 SSDs in the bays. We messed with the NAS, turning off jobs, manually setting fan speeds, etc. and couldn’t get the random reboots to stop until we deactivated the ROON app. 5min after turning on the ROON app, it rebooted.

I guess @crieke could help here.
Is it that RAM usage steadily increases of the ROON app?

Good question. RAM usage stays steady, around 30% +/- of total memory when running (pic below). And the random NAS reboot doesn’t occur when ROON is running. Also, I now sometimes receive a message, from laptop or iPad, that ROON is “searching for the core” (I’ll grab a screen shot of that too).

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RAM usage is around 1-1.5GB. Here’s a screenshot. In the middle of a song today, Roon quit and the NAS rebooted. This happens randomly when Roon is playing.