Roon by folder (how can I ....)

Hi Forum, Hi Roon.
Roon is absolutely great, I truly enjoy it, it sounds good it navigates good.
I still don’t understand why you can’t go to a folder and play it … how difficult could this be.
I used this for over 10 years on my Sonos system… never mind …

But, on a show I saw a Roon screen where many tracks were listed as lines with title, artist … and quality (44.1, 96k. MQA and so on)

What I did is made a folder of tracks with different versions of the same song to investigate the sound quality differences. So adolder with the selected tracks in MP3, CD quality, 96k quality and MQA quality
How can I get these in such a list so I can navigate between them without having to go in and out albums that are stored independently?

Create a playlist with them in?

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Indeed, that is possible, I use playlists
I was just impressed with this sheet of tracks, no album art. so clean compact and in a neat (spreadsheet like) columns and lines structure.

Don’t get me wrong, for normal playing I would not change anything. But for this ‘analytical’ test that particular sheet looked great, and it was Roon …
thanks anyway.

You might try tagging them in roon but I’m away from my system so don’t know what the output looks like.

In the Tracks view you can add/remove additional columns to show extra information and you can filter the list. Could this be what you saw?

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That indeed comes close.
maybe I need to tag the files and filter on these tags. but I don’t see the quality as an option in this list

In the track view, you can use focus to only list those specific tracks (using multiple focus criteria). After that, you can bookmark the result. This will allow you to go back to that particular view with those specific tracks in one single click.

Thanks Bart,
I found that but it doesn’t help.
The quality compare folder contains a dozen tracks in 4 qualities.
So limiting that in the focus view doesn’t make it easier to switch between them.
I have now put them in different folders so the path column gives me that differentiation but still not the sample rate/coding column that I saw.

I double-checked and there is indeed no “sample rate” column that you can enable. Perhaps you can make a feature request for this in the appropriate section of the forum.

On what show did you see this screen ?

Try this? Move the folder outside of your main storage location for Roon. Then add it as a separate location. You can use Focus to display by top level storage location.

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One of the hifi shows in the Netherlands

I have the list now isolated by using the path to isolate the rest.
The files are in their (quality assigned) sub-folders so if I show the path in the tracks list, and that will tell me the quality. But a samplerate/bitdepth column would be nice and was there…