Roon can't find Core on new update

New installation of remote app on ipad. Now roon cannot find the core. After the hype before really disappointing experience.

Hey @Hartmut_Berg, can you confirm that your core has been updated to 1.8? 1.8 remotes are not compatible with 1.7 cores, so let me know! If you need to, you can grab the latest version here:

Hi. Roon core 1.8 is now working on macmini catalina 10.15.7. Ipad air 2 sw 14.4. crashes when clicking „settings“. Iphone SE2 sw 14.4. crashes when clicking „displays“ in „settings“. That‘s it so far. I hope this helps. Please fix it soon.
PS: Clicking on „info“ crashes iphone SE2 too.
It is „info“ in „settings“.

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In the meantime the core is visible by ipad and iphone. I went to bed disappointed yesterday and let them search for the core. In the morning this problem had solved. I can hear music. BUT: Crashes with iphone and ipad. See my posts.

A quick search turns up several people having the same problem, including me.

Hi @Hartmut_Berg

We released a fix for the crash that was occurring on iOS devices when you go to Settings. Please see release notes here:

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