Roon can't find the album from Tidal

Dear all
could you help me how to find the above album from Tidal via Roon ,I use Tidal App. can find it, bookmark and listen no problem. but Roon always can’t show it . through the “Lumin App. ” I can find the album from Tidal, this album is one of missing folders , so I think this is Roon software issue, please guide me to fix this problem , Thanks


Have you manually re synced Roon and Tidal after Fav ing the album in Tidal?

Hi, roon cannot find this album too.

Tidal shows it and LDS finds it marked as favorite.
Roon cannot. Sync manually done several times.

Annoying. Thinking about staying with roon or not.


yes, re-sync many times, can’t solve.

As that is a new release it may be part of

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We await the new firmware to improve, thanks