Roon can't load Overview screen due to Tidal

I signed up for Tidal recently, and I like it within Roon. However, one thing that happens occasionally is the Overview screen does not load, I just get the Roon spinner.
I discovered that when I go to Settings - Services - I see a constant Spinner next to Tidal.

The solution is the logout, then log back into Tidal. After that. everything loads fine.
It is an easy fix, but this happens almost daily, so I’m wondering what I can do to prevent it from happening.


Tidal went thru some login protocol changes recently and the roon guys are still sifting through some of the niggles that transpired…hang in there it’s being worked on.

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I had the same problem, but that was solved with build 537. Perhaps you need to update, your core and endpoints.

I have the same problem with build 667. Tried to logout and loginn. Now it is even worse, no connection with Tidal.

This happened to me last night. I guess Tidal went down (I got errors about not finding related tracks, so playing from the local library), but then I couldn’t access my local stuff. Killed the listening for the night.