Roon Can't See my Squeezebox(s)

A few days ago, Roon stop finding my Squeezeboxes. It did briefly reconnect yesterday than stopped again. Any suggestions.

  1. Is LMS running anywhere else (NAS or other PC)?

  2. Full re-boot of Roon and Squeezeboxes

  3. Turn off Roon, turn on LMS - to see if it’s a network issue that isn’t allowing the Squuezeboxes be accessed.

It’s strange you had a brief reconnection - would perhaps point to network issues?

<You’ve may have tried all these anyway, if so it’s beyond my pay grade!>


Thanks. I’ll give this a try when I get home. Jim

It turns out that when I turn on LMS, I can’t access the Squeezeboxes either (via LMS). Network stuff drives me nuts. Everything works fine and then all of the sudden it doesn’t. If anyone has any suggestions about how to troubleshoot this, I’m all ears.

Because of the way server discovery works on Squeezebox, if you want to run LMS and Roon alongside each other on your network, the servers will need to be on different machines (hostname or ip address).

I was aware that you can’t run LMS and Roon on the network. The reason I turned LMS back on was just to see if it could see the Squeezeboxes on the network. It couldn’t either. In the end, I was able to fix the problem by clearing the PRAM.

No, the point is you CAN run them on the same network, just not on the same box with the same hostname/IP.