Roon cant set volume to 0

Hi. when i try to set volume to 0 from Roon it stops at 10. even mute doesnt go to 0. both on SB Touch and Duets. Tryed on many diffrent units. Can control down to 0 on player interface. Same problem both on PC and android APP.

Do you have any limits set ?

no limits set… (0-100) on any devices .
Do the limits also have impact on mute?

Not that I know of
Not muted

Are you saying that if you hit the MUTE button none of the devices actually mute ?

Moving the slider to zero

Can you replicate these views ?

they act as if i turn down the volume… decrease but stop at 10…


Maybe your devices are reporting a lower limit.

all set to 0-100.

This is a very irritating “bug”. i control all my squeezeboxes from either PC or android app and they cant go lower then 10 in volume… all limits is set to 0-100. Mute take volume to 10. same on two diffrent installations and diffrent players (Duets and Touchs.). Do anybody else experiense this? any solution?
really happy for help! I dont want to go back to squeezebox server!
Kind regs Anders

Not noticed this on my SB Radio. Will try it when I am back home.