Roon Causing Constant NAS HDD Access

I’m still using a NAS and it is still prevented from sleeping by Roon and chunters away constantly.

My solution is to shut down the mini PC which runs my Roon core, when I’m not using it. It’s attached to my hifi. The NAS goes into sleep mode quickly after that.

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I know it goes against common logic, but the HDs will last longer if they newer spin down.
Personally my NAS newer spins down.
If you really want to be more green put it on a power schedule that turns it off at night/during the hours you are not home.
I am pretty sure that Roon designed the nucleus to take the taller 4TB drives. Internal/directly attached drives will perform better than a NAS. Use the NAS for backup.

I recently moved my USB local drive connected to a PC, running Linux and where Roonserver is running, to a NAS and reconfigured Roon to point to the NAS storage. I see that Roon is constantly accessing the network storage even if music aren’t playing. If I stop Roonserver the disk activity stops.

Wondering why would Roon do this ? Is Roon trying to monitor it ? Any way I can disable it ? In the Storage configuration I have “automatic rescan interval” set to 8 hrs.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Debjit_Ghosh, I’ve moved your post into this topic, have a read esp.

I’d recommend a 4tb internal ssd for your nucleus. See this link…

The constant churning of my QNAP NAS has been doing me head in over the last couple of months! Even when I’m not listening to music the drive (which is under my desk) drives me insane and it’s taken this long to discover Roon is the cause!

I have no stored music and only listen to Tidal and Live Radio so why does Roon need to constantly access the drive?

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Is roon on the Nas?

Correct. QNAP 672XT i3 8GB
Thuderbolt to ethernet connected to iMac using AFP protocol.

I’ve had to move it off the NAS on to my iMac which is unfortunate given the NAS is well equiped and designed for such purposes.

It’s possible to instal an additional M.2 SSD. If the core is installed on this will Roon continue to churn the spinning hard drives or only the SSD it’s installed on?