Roon Christmas Vouchers

Guys as a new trial user i would love the option for friends and family to RoonFundMe for Christmas or other festive occasions. Ideally id like to work towards a lifetime membership and it would be quite easy for Roon to allow people to donate USD via Paypal or credit card to my Account to allow me to accumulate USD credits towards annual or lifetime membership… Think of it as new member crowdfunding for Roon and would make a fantastic gift idea i can give my family for ideas rather than asking for boring cash.

Why don’t you purchase someone else a lifetime Roon subscription? Or, if that’s too much, a one year subscription to get them started.


the membership would be for me but would allow me to make a suggestion to the family that id like roon vouchers in any amount they can afford. I know its a bit boring but it would something i would love to receive and use.

Why not just GoFundMe? Ask for donations from family, then spend the money on a Roon subscription? What am I missing?

Print up your own vouchers and have your friends/family send them back to you with cash. I’d prefer Roon staff to concentrate on providing and improving the software rather than administering such arrangements.


I’m probably only one step above Scrooge, but all my holiday “shopping” is in providing gift certificates to friends and family. And I like to use a very universal gift certificate. It’s more commonly known as U.S. currency. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s a nice idea Adam, but it would put Roon in a position to hire more account managers. In certain cases, it might be a pain to track of smaller donations from your friends and family. It’s similar to a layaway gift program. Might be easier to ask your family for cash, and handle the transaction yourself.

My family decided to stop swapping money and checks back and forth this Christmas. We’re just getting a few things for the three grandsons. My dad put his foot down years ago (when he was still alive) and said we need to stop buying things for people that they don’t want and can’t use. Most of us have too much ■■■■ anyway. Several year ago when I began my “minimalist” journey, I said “no objects.” Just a gift certificate to Longhorn, etc.

Now we have people standing in food lines for hours and we’re wondering what someone can give us and what we can buy next for this crazy expensive hobby.


Agree. I give to the under 18 relatives only, except for High School or College graduation or weddings. No parents, siblings, etc. My wife and I haven’t exchanged any gifts for any reason for the last 37 years of marriage. She buys herself whatever she wants year round and I do the same. A perfect arrangement (and we’re a two income couple, or were until she retired a couple of years ago).


We’re on the same program @garym It works for us too.

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