Roon client breaks connection to Roon CORE

Anybody having ROON stop playing music randomly. I use ROON for many hours each day. I have my ROON Core in a closet in another room, away from my system. Recently, I have had stoppages in playback that resulted in me pressing the PLAY button to get the music going again. This stoppage may happen soon again, or the music may play uninterrupted for many hours.

I have been using ROON for close to 5 years (from beta days) and never had this issue. I have the most recent verion of ROON.

If others are not having this problem, then it must be a network issue on my side. The only thing that I can think could cause this would be the network switch. I have one on the router and one in the room where the ROON CORE resides. My office computer runs of the same network switch that is connected to the router.

Does sound like a network issue, music stops due to some brief interruption but starts again with Play. I’ve had that happen when at the limits of the WI-fi signal, but it sounds like your wired.

I m wired. An hour ago, I was working on my computer and opened up a RDP session to via VPN to a remote machine. As I did that my ROON music stopped. I have the RDP still connected and hit PLAY and ROON started working again. Seems like my complex networking setup at home is giving ROON some hiccups.

This is a relatively new problem and my work flow has not changed in years so i must have some network switch issues or maybe some OS software updates that is causing this ROON issue.

I will update my network switches to 2 Ubiquiti switches. I needed to get 1 new switch anyways to get a SFP FIbre Optical for a DAC.