Roon Cloud Services Health - Status Indication

What with various reported issues (slow searching etc) from time to time, does anyone else think that it is time that Roon had a ‘Service Status’ banner at the top of the Community page (like most ISPs have)? This could start as a basic indicator of Roon cloud services health (as traffic lights) and be further developed as necessary to drill down to more local issues. At least then we may understand why searching for example is running slow, especially if it indicated the service health of related streaming services (Tidal and Qobuz).
Ultimately, it could run local diagnostics on your Roon server to give further detail on network issues local to you.


:+1: for this, very good idea…

Good idea but I doubt we’ll get it.

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Having done it at work it’s a bugger to do.
What routes and components make up a service, what does good look like, how do you monitor your monitoring, creating a meaningful UI.
Adding in monitoring to your development, change and testing standards.
Etc etc.

While monitoring of many service that provide a fairly constant responsiveness regardless of parameters is often relatively easy to do, useful monitoring of search systems is often not if the system is such that there can be huge variations in response time depending upon the specific request (including user context).

If it keeps repeating a test search (even from a small pool of test searches), then the chances are they will start to perform well due to the data shards being in memory, which of course will push others out.

OTOH, that obscure search you want to do that takes ages? It may still take ages despite that the search monitoring indicates that searches are performing really well.

Unless you can throw insane amount of memory (and servers) at searching (ie like google does), then once the data volume being searched gets big enough (as is likely the case with all the music metadata that roon has to search), then there will always be fast searches and slow searches. Often it isnt even the search that is slow but post raw search correlation, trimming and ranking is often the killer and those bits can be often be user specific in terms of responsiveness (depending on what user context goers into a search).

I would expect that Roon have sufficient data capture of there own going on to know that some search are performing well and other definitely are not. The problem is often figuring out why and what to tweak in a manner that doesnt just involve brute forcing the problem by (often needlessly) throwing money for more computing resources at it.

I would definitely welcome faster searches :slight_smile: