Roon Community: Last Thread Message To Load At Top; Not Thread's Bottom

When topic threads get long, it would be a much better experience if the new messages loaded at the thread’s top, so as to not have participants scrolling all the way to the thread’s bottom to respond.

Can’t find anything on this within the Community board or this forum’s settings.


You can, after a little practice, tap & hold to the right of the scroll bar then drag the scroll marker to the bottom of the thread. It’s not a brilliant method & a little fiddly but does work, as far as I know there’s no sort option unfortunately.

I get it; certainly, that drag action is better than scrolling! Never noticed the functionality you call out - Cool; thanks, @PixelPopper!

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If one opens an older thread for the very first time, it’s shown from the first post on.
If checking back with a thread, it’s shown from the last post you’ve left it from.
So far, that’s perfectly logical to my thinking, as you can follow the exchange and more likely add meaningful content.

What doesn’t make sense to me, is it always jumping to the latest post, as you seem to suggest, which would rather encourage posters to just skip the exchange and drop their input, likely being out of context - not that that’s not happening anyways…

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Another way is to tap the post no. A box comes up that gives you the option to “Go to” a different post.

It is a decent way to get to the last post again if if you have gone back a fair way to check something else.

I think this option only works on the phone, it’s certainly not available on the iPad app.

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Yep. Absolutely right. Hadn’t noticed it was not on iPad, obviously browse the forum more on the phone as I use the iPad more as the remote.

And you can do it quicker by clicking the post count, and then dragging the scroll bar to the bottom.

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Where ever you open the thread from, there should somewhere be a “last activity” time indication nearby. Just click that instead of the thread title.

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See earlier post :wink:

You make a good point about keeping the last post on the bottom @Marin_Weigel However, if one is up on the entire thread, having read everything, and is simply returning to see the latest…

On Chrome desktop, your above quoted is not my experience.

Just checked again, when I return to this thread I always land at the below message:

You’re either not logged in or your browser blocks to much? If I check cookies and website data, currently uses over 600 MB of data - comfort features seem to come at a price.

… then just navigate to/open the last thread directly. I do that all the time when not logged in.


Actually, I should have replied to @Fergus_B, since I was showing a quicker way for phones.


Excellent input, all. Just wondering why there isn’t an option to format thread message sequence, as one would prefer. :grinning:

Maybe no one made a request for it so far? Check out the official forum, create a feature proposal there if needed.

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Good point, @BlackJack; thanks!

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s an option within the forum configuration to provide sort orders. Naim use the same system and there are a few differences in operation.

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Cheers Martin. I had one way to do it. Now I know 4 ways so well worth the input from all and reading of the thread.


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