Roon compatibility with Express VPN?

Happy Thanksgiving Roon community!
I’m doing the research to add VPN for my home computing devices and wanted to see if anyone has experience using Roon on devices with The Express VPN software operating? Are they fully compatible i.e. no impact on Roon performance/transparent to Roon?

I’ve no problem accessing Room from my Android phone whilst it’s connected to the internet via ExpressVPN. Never tried using it on my core machine, but given it’s only impacting your wan connectivity it shouldn’t present any issues.

Thank you evand. I’d be putting my whole system including the core (currently running on an iMac) on a VPN network. I plan to buy a Roon Nucleus eventually to run as a dedicated Roon Core, but that purchase is a ways off, thus my interest in understanding any downsides of Express VPN residing on the Core. I have the iMac hard wire connected to a Lumin D2 via ethernet for mostly Roon/Tidal streaming.
I’d like to know if anyone has experience running Express VPN on their Core.

I am considering installing Express VPN on my ASUS router; so everything on my home network uses it; but have not started any testing yet. Will be trying Merlin on the router first.

It would be useful to know if anyone else has Express VPN (or any other OpenVPN) running on their router.

I’m running a Linksys WRT3200ACM with ExpressVPN’s firmware installed on it and I have no issues (aside from my Bluesound devices but that’s not a network issue, it’s an ongoing frustration that many of us are having with their wifi implementation, they work fine on a wired connection)

Thank you, that is good to know.

US-located Roon works well with ExpressVPN (assuming your internet service provides enough bandwidth to survive the drop in bandwidth occasioned by the VPN technology – about a third or more, depending on the server location).

However, you can’t use Roon together with a VPN to circumvent geographical limitations on music services. For example, BBC Radio 3 provides a very high quality stream within the UK. Roon (bless its law-abiding heart) will not allow US customers to access this stream — even when using a UK server.

I’m curious as to your setup with expressvpn and roon server. I run roon server on a windows pc and i was using ipvanish which worked well. I installed expressvpn and seems no matter what i do, i cannot get my devices to connect to the roon servr unless i exit the expressvpn. I am running squeezebox devices and made sure the box for squeezebox devices is checked.