Roon confused 2 different albums with the same name

Duran Duran have 2 albums named “Duran Duran”.
The first one is their debut from 1981 and the 2nd is known as The Wedding Album from 1993.
You can see in the screenshot that this is the album from 1993 but it has the “Date Recorded”, “Originally Released” and the album description/review of the original Debut from 1981.

I realized now this should probably go under Support -> Metadata Issues.

Recategorized. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this looks a metadata issue. I’m going to open up a ticket in our bug tracker guys. Appreciate the report!

Duran Duran Duran Duran :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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How do you guys go about solving these things? I’m pretty sure it’s Roon that does the mishmash between the 2 albums and not the metadata services it relies on.
These albums appear well on AMG:

In Roon, both albums have the same mishmash.

I noticed now this has (almost fully) been resolved!

The only thing that’s left wrong is that The Wedding Album’s “Originally Released” shows 15 Jun 1981 (the release date of the debut), while the album was actually released in 1993.

This is editable in the edit fields box so you can simply change it yourself?

I was watching Top of the Pops story of 81 last night and Duran Duran featured, wouldn’t be one of my favourites but their first few singles were better than I remembered.


Thanks for the tip @Sloop_John_B! I changed it manually, but it still should be fixed in the Roon DB :grin:

I think DD had a really cool sound in the debut, influenced by punk and David Bowie / Roxy Music. They had a tight rhythm section! Most people remember them as just an 80s boy band but I think they did really good music, and still do from time to time.