Roon connections and Control4 using Triad Audio Matrix

I am a control4 programmer attempting to integrate a customer’s Roon system with C4. The project is using an audio matrix and for some reason I cannot get the programming connections done in a way that allows me to use the Roon through it. Every time I get the option to listen to Roon it tells me that the zone is not available. Is there anyone with a similar setup that could possible walk me through the process from beginning to end? I’ve read the manual, but I just don’t get what I’m doing wrong.

I got this working, and do admit it is kind of weird. We had some trouble too.

From what I can remember
Did you set up a PI/DAC or Similiar going to each Zone in the AMP.
then you need to set up the Roon driver (one for each Pi?DAC/Zone).

Hi @Jeff_Conley ,

How are you connecting the audio matrix, via HDMI? Have you configured the HDMI connections in Composer? Please see the following thread which may be helpful: