Roon connections and Control4 using Triad Audio Matrix

I am a control4 programmer attempting to integrate a customer’s Roon system with C4. The project is using an audio matrix and for some reason I cannot get the programming connections done in a way that allows me to use the Roon through it. Every time I get the option to listen to Roon it tells me that the zone is not available. Is there anyone with a similar setup that could possible walk me through the process from beginning to end? I’ve read the manual, but I just don’t get what I’m doing wrong.

I got this working, and do admit it is kind of weird. We had some trouble too.

From what I can remember
Did you set up a PI/DAC or Similiar going to each Zone in the AMP.
then you need to set up the Roon driver (one for each Pi?DAC/Zone).

Hi @Jeff_Conley ,

How are you connecting the audio matrix, via HDMI? Have you configured the HDMI connections in Composer? Please see the following thread which may be helpful:

I’m also having this issue. For Roon to integrate with control4 does the Nucleus need a physical connection to the matrix via the USB (with DAC) to the RCA inputs on the control4 triad audio matrix? This system does not have a video matrix so hooking up one of the HDMI outputs would also need an HDMI audio decoder to allow for HDMI connection to the RCA inputs on the control4 triad audio matrix. If it doesn’t need a physical connection how can I use the Nucleus through the Control4 CORE5 controller i’m using via just the hardwired network connection?

No, the Nucleus does not get any physical connections to the Control4 environment.
Your DAC is what connects to control4.
So if you have a matrix, you would connect via RCA from DAC to Matrix.
You need 1 DAC for every unique stream.