Roon connects to Pi4 (Volumio) - do I need Ropieee

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Previous to Roon, I had a RPi4 with Volumio. When I downloaded Roon Core to my iMAC, the RPi4 with Volumio was automatically found and played with no issues.

I am new to RPi and Roon, and while I am quite pleased with how little effort was required to get everything working, I wouldn’t have expected this to work as I thought the Rpi would need to be setup as a Roon endpoint with Ropiee?

Can anyone explain this one to me? Should I flash Ropiee on in place of Volumio?


Both Volumio and RoPieee utilize the Roon Bridge software component provided by Roon themselves. They provide different ways to manage the RPi that Roon Bridge is running on. RoPieee is lazer focused on being a Roon endpoint, and so optimizes the setup/management experience accordingly. But if you have Volumio running and are happy with it, there is nothing wrong with sticking with it.

That said, microSD cards are super cheap. So you could easily burn RoPieee(XL) to a separate card and give it a try to determine which you like better.

FWIW, I personally use RoPieeeXL, and have never tried Volumnio.

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Thank you for that. I tend to use the Roon app on my phone for control. If RopieeeXL or Volumio is running the backend on the Pi, then I wonder where the differences reside, short of the initial setup experience perhaps? I am likely showing a lack of foresight here due to my lack of experience and understanding of Roon in general.

Well, RoPieee, for example, supports the RPi 7" display. If present, it shows artwork and has buttons for play/pause, next, previous. The display is REALLY nice to have, and its a value-add on RoPieee, not something provided by Roon Bridge itself.

See Ropieee with display - perfect! :) for examples of RoPieee’s display support.


Personally I found ropieee to do all that I need and more. I have at least 5-6 running at any one time.

I’ve corrected your typo in the subject too :wink:


thanks guys. I really like the idea of the Display. Although will probably need an IR remote to go with it as I like to skip tracks quite a bit and can’t see myself from getting up out of the chair every few mins!

How do you skip tracks now? You can have remote control on Ropieee, but your Roon remote does all of that and more anyway!

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The Flirc receiver costs about $20USD on Amazon. So not an expensive add-on, assuming you have some old remote you can use to train it with.

Yes, that is a good point; my phone. However, I think the IR remote is the way to go for control in conjunction with the display.