Roon connects to Samsung HW-Q950A, but no sound

Using Roon 2.0, I connected a Samsung HW-Q950A soundbar via AirPlay. It connects without a hitch, the soundbar turns on, shows a wifi connection But I get no sound.
Sound is normal when connecting iPhone + Apple Music via AirPlay to the soundbar.
Roon connects also normally to the TV’s chromecast, and HDMI ARC brings the signal to the soundbar.
I was having a lot of problems with HDMI ARC issues recently, so I was wondering if they were related, but those have been sorted out.
Any idea why this happens?

Germano, a few questions. Is the soundbar showing as an option in Roon under Settings->Audio? Some AirPlay 2 devices cannot be used by Roon. For example, my LG and Samsung TVs do not show as available audio options in Roon because they are AirPlay 2 devices, which Roon cannot see or to which it can stream.

Alternately, depending on your Core computer, you may be able select System Output on a Mac (or similarly on an iOS device select an AirPlay output) and if connected to an AirPlay TV or soundbar, stream that way to it.

Thanks. The soundbar has AirPlay 2 indeed… However it always shown as an available device on Roon, and it display the music as being played. The soundbar also turns on and shows the expected “WIFI” connection. It it just that there is no sound…

But thanks, I will try playing using airplay as system output as suggested

There have been a few other products that have required an AirPlay passcode to play to them. My Samsung soundbar is the last one made before they added AirPlay so I can’t test this. Try searching on AirPlay and password or passcode and there may be some suggestions on the forum.

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These steps for connecting with an Apple TV may be similar for connecting your soundbar?


Hi @Germano_Stein,

Were you able to get things working? We also have a Roon KB that might be of assistance so please let us know.


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