Roon Control for Apple-TV

A Roon Controller app fo rthe Apple-TV would be cool!

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In order to use the Apple remote to control Roon ?

If you like to show Roon on your TV, that can be done from your iDevices today.
(Mirror your screen)

What is iDevices?

On Apple TV2, you have apps, just like on your iPhone or iPad. I was just thinking that the TV is a large screen and a nice place to display your music. :slight_smile:


IDevices is Apple’s products starting with the letter “i” :grinning: Using the iOS.

Do you own any of those, and did you understood my suggestion how to achieve what you’re looking for ?

Also you could just connect the computer you’re running the core on to that TV screen :grinning:

AirPlay mirroring from an iPad to a TV has the problem, that iPads aspect ratio is 4x3 and so you see ugly black bars on the left and right side on your TV.

It’s hard to please everyone :grinning:

I would love to have Roon Control on Apple TV as well.

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