Roon Control not remembering sort preferences?

My Roon control apps on Windows (both 7 and 10) don’t appear to be remembering my sort preferences. For example, if I select the Albums browser, it always defaults to sorting by ascending artist. However, I want to sort them by descending release date, so I select that option. But next time I go into Albums, it goes back to sorting by artist.Is it possible to always use the last selected? Is there a setting I need to set somewhere?
Thanks in advance

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I have found more information and I think it’s a bug. If I go to the relevant browser from the menu, it does remember my previously selected sort option. But if I select from the overview page instead, it resets the sort option back to the default again.

Hey @Timster — Thanks for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us!

I’ve passed the behavior you’ve described here over to the technical team for review to see what they can come up with in house. Once the team has shared their thoughts with me I will be sure to update this thread in a timely manner.



Hi @Timster — I’ve heard back from our technical team regarding this behavior and I wanted to follow up with you about it.

The behavior you’re experiencing is expected behavior in this scenario. When you navigate to albums via Overview, the expected intent is that you’re saying “I want to see all my albums” and we clear your focus and reset the sort so you can see all albums.

That said, the focus and sort is still saved. If you navigate elsewhere and then go back to Albums via menu navigation, you’ll see that your sort should still be applied.

In short, the best option here is to navigate using the menu in order to view all of the sorts and filters you’ve applied. If you want to see all albums, navigating from Overview will do so while still allowing you to navigate back and see you’re previous settings later.

I hope this helps!


Hi dylan,

I don’t think that’s quite the right behaviour then. When I want to see my albums, I always want to sort them by date, by default. If I have focuses or filters then I go via the menu or use bookmarks, I understand that. But if I want to “see all my albums”, as you say the Overview provides, then OK, clear any focus or filters, but I don’t see why or what use there is in resetting the “sort by” as well; all the albums will be shown regardless of how they are sorted.

Also - any possibility that the Overview can be configured? I’d rather see Playlists there than Images, for example.

Hey @Timster – thanks for the feedback here, we really appreciate it. I definitely see your point about sort orders, but since the sorting on this screen does not currently have configurable defaults, this is what happens when we “reset” the browser.

Since this is currently working as designed, my recommendation would be to add your voice to the Feature Request section. I believe there are already requests for more control over default sorts, and a more customizable Overview screen is something we’ve discussed internally too.

The more details you can give us about what kinds of functionality you’re looking for the better, so please keep it coming.



Thanks Mike. Will do - I have some other requests too!

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Sorry for reviving an old thread but I just stumbled upon this “issue” because of the new implementation of Recent Activity. Before the 571 update, I would always navigate to View All from the Overview page to see the album list sorted by date added. However, with release 571 the Recent Activity > Albums shows the tiles in a very large size which I really dislike so in order for me to see my albums in the small tile view I prefer I select Albums directly from the Overview page but as explained earlier, this resets my sort. Personally I think this needs to be fixed to “remember” my last sort selection.