Roon Control on Samsung Smart TV

Would be amazing to have Roon Control on my new Samsung Q9F TV. Thanks to HDMI ARC it should work seamlessly.

Is this by chance already available? Or in the future.

Anyone knows the answer?

What do you mean by control?

Like the ipad app is there an app for smart samsung tvs?

iOS, android, mac and windows.

@support will this happen in future releases?

I wouldn’t have thought so but you can add it as a feature request.

Where do i do this?

Create a New Topic in this part of the forum… It’s where Feature Requests are posted.

Edit: good luck with the request. As a Q9F owner myself, it would be nice to have, but I can’t help thinking that navigation using the minimalist Samsung remote that we get would be a challenge…

Just as a thought, what is your Roon Core running on?

If you have Roon installed on an Intel NUC running Windows 10, then you could connect this to the Q9F with HDMI and have the full Control interface available.

Roon for Tizen???
Tidal and Plex are available but I doubt roon will do this. You can use a chromecast for display

Yes, I do this with my Q9F - but it isn’t a Control surface, just a display. And yes, I have the Plex app installed, but personally, I don’t bother with it at all, I still use a NUC running Windows 10/Plex via my AVR. I’m old-fashioned.

If no transcoding is needed … dietpi/plex on the rpi + Tizen app is perfect. :grinning:

Hello, my Roon Core is installed on my QNAP NAS. Unfortunately the NAS is in another room and therefore I was looking for a native Roon for Tizen solution. As mention Plex and Tidal are available and I doubt this would be a massive software development to get this ready.

Had some technical difficulties first time through and going to try again in a month or so.

Quick related question…

“You can use a chromecast for display”.

By that do you mean hook a Chromecast to the TV and basically mirror the UI on an iPod/IPhone/Laptop but actually control the UI via iPod/IPhone/Laptop?

And separately stream audio to a streamer/amp (in my case a Bluesound Node 2i)?

I don’t care so much about controlling via a TV but I would like the display mirrored for guests etc.

That sounds like what you’re describing. Is that correct?



This was a big feature in 1.5 and works really nice.

See here.

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Thank you Steve, Thank you Geoff.

OK, so it’s Playing Now info vs the complete UI. You can’t be scrolling through albums on the phone/tablet and have someone else point and say “That one!” or display artist bio, album review, etc type info on the TV? That sort of makes sense because different form factors.