ROON control the power ON/OFF of HQPlayer device

I just installed HQPlayer 4 Embedded.

In the control area at the bottom right of the ROON Remote (iPad app) interface, there is a power button. Whenever I press it at any time, it will show that the HQPlayer connection is disconnected. See picture-1. But these times, Hqplayer can play normally. How can I solve this problem.

My HQPlayerd is installed on a dedicated computer. This computer and my Synology NAS, ROON ROCK and home Router are placed in the storage room downstairs. They connected to the network switch (UpTone EtherREGEN) in my listening room through the Gigabit network, and the audio stream passes through NAA (SOtM- 200 Ultra NEO) and USB interface (SOtM tX-USBultra) output to the DAC (Playback Designs MPS-8).

I think that if this button can control the automatic startup and shutdown of HQplayerd, this will be a great operation. Because of the problem of computer noise, Hqplayer almost be placed outside the listening room. Every time you have to go to another room to switch on and off the computer, which is obviously very troublesome. Because the BIOS of most computers now supports network-controlled power-on or wake-up, it is a very easy task to control the power-off via LAN. Now I have to open NAA and DAC first in the listening room, then go to the storage room downstairs and open the Hqplayerd computer. When I finished listening, I have to remotely shut down the HQPlayerd computer through PuTTY on another computer.

Hi @Jun_Tian1,

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Roon does not support any Wake-on-Lan functions at this time, so I have shifted your post to the Feature Requests section of this site.

Our product team keeps an eye on this section for where to take Roon next, so we appreciate the feedback here!

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