Roon Control widget from Android lock screen and Control from Android Wear watches

Another thread asking for this:

I think there are others as well. Not sure why they never address this one way or another. “Not possible right now for technical reasons” would be a disappointing but understandable answer, but silence just adds to our frustration.

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Adding my vote for notification bar player controls. Basic table stakes functionality.

+1 for this feature. One of the most annoying things when wanting to adjust volume or change tracks is having to unlock my phone and switch to the room app.

I’m sure it has something to do with the phone breaking connection when we navigate away from the app or lock the phone. It would most certainly use more battery having this feature. But hey!, I’m ok with that because, guess what, I’m home and have my charger.


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So annoying to open the app to change the track all the time.

I suggest you run the itRox extension and Android app as it gives play controls on lock screen for any zone and you can scroll through them from lock screen. It’s very cool, been using it for a while.


Please add lock screen controls for android.

It would be sooooo nice!

I love Roon, but if I want to do basic commands like Play/Pause/Track Forward-Back on any of my Android OS devices I must access the Roon app directly. On my other music software on Android and stuff like Youtube you can do these basic commands on the Lock Screen and on the Android OS Screendown Menu with other settings like turning on LTE/Flashlight/Brightness Control, etc.

Since I mostly use a smartphone, I don’t want my phone on at all times. It would be very useful to have something like this that all other music software that I use on a future Roon update. It would cut down the time in pausing or resuming a track when someone in my apartment is asking me for something (I have to unlock my phone then access Roon app to do it, wish I can do this quicker).


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Hi there,

I would like to suggest that with the Roon Remote App, is it possible to have it display on the lock screen like the music app can? I always have to unlock my phone and open the Roon app to skip tracks and it would be nice to be able to have Roon run on the lockscreen so I can do that quickly.


I wish! Asked for many times, here are some examples:


Ahh! Well… damn. I looked for other like topics but didn’t see those. I guess consider this a bump for that feature, it would be really, really nice to have :slight_smile:



Using Roon and Roon remote for a week now and it’s all great. One big downside is mentioned here lack of android lock screen integration. All my music apps have it. It’s really annoying unlocking my phone and reopen app to skip a track. Please sort this out.


I think the Roondevelopers are Apple fanboys. Android treatment of Roon is a bloody shame.


Just getting into Roon, all was well until I got pissed off having to repeatedly unlock, enter Roon then change a track, what a pain in the arse, deal breaker for me.


I am a new roon and long Android user. After one week of usage, I really miss this feature! So plesase roon…No big deal within the android dev kit for such a big name in the industry :face_with_monocle:


Please, please, please!

Roon control is working on my Samsung Galaxy Watch4. I just have to first start playback from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G phone that the watch is paired with. This is the most convenient way to control Roon by far. To enjoy everything else that makes Roon the greatest way to browse music you will need to use a PC, tablet, or smartphone. I find the watch is like a mini Roon remote control that I can’t misplace and even shows the album art if you have good enough eyesight for such a tiny screen.

Wdym by Roon control?