Roon Control widget from Android lock screen and Control from Android Wear watches


It would be a very nice feature to be able to skip tracks or play/pause from the locked screen for our Android phone. Like we often see (like Youtube or Netflix apps). I’d like to not have to unlock my phone with my password each time I want to skip a track. A realy great feature would be to do this on my Android wear smartwatch too.

By the way, Roon is very something I use everyday for about 5 months and I love it :wink:


A million +1s for this. Whenever I use my phone as a remote, I’m almost surprised that I need to go into the Roon app to control playback.
In addition to having controls in the lock screen, it would also be nice to have them in the notification area. So if I’m using my phone at the time I don’t need to switch to the Roon app completely, I can just slide the notification area down and control from there.

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Another +1 !

1 million +2

I would like to have this feature as well… +1

Amen… This honestly should have been part of the design from day 1

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I like it! +1

I just started a trial of roon and this is making me hesitate pulling the trigger! +1

Hi everybody,

if anyone is still looking for these features, have a look at my Roon extension and Android app:

The app supports: lock screen, media style notification, hardware volume buttons and smartwatches.
Give it a try!

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Boris, well done it’roXs rocks! I guess a widget is not planned for the near future? If not, do you intend to share the Android app code? Thanks!

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Thanks @Ran
A widget is on my todo list, but I do not know yet when I will get to it…
Are you an Android developer?

Well I’m an amateur developer for many years, it’s a hobby not my profession. Mainly Java and c#, and did some android apps. If your code was open I guess I would enjoy playing and see what comes out, but fully respect any decision you will take. Cheers

With Android 11 it’s begging for this now with the media tray. Luckily have itRox thanks @Boris_Schaedler

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How is this still not a feature it’s CRAZY to me. Big ups to it’roxs. This should be a priority.

It’s driving me mad having to unlock my phone, open the Roon app and await for it to slowly reconnect to the core just in order to pause or restart the music.

Every other music app on android has notification bar controls. Please add it!


Pretty please dear Roon?


It’s now 2020. Surely there must be more interest than has been shown far. This seems to be such a normal thing to have! Is it that difficult?

I would imagine it is harder due to it not being a native android app.

I would love this, strange indeed there’s not more people asking for this. It seems that most Roon users are more concerned with the type of font used in the app for some reason…

Yep. I like what Roon is doing in most ways, but this is extremely annoying. At least give us a technical reason. Why does EVERY control app have this, and not Roon??