Roon Core 1.8 on Asustore

Hi there,

may be not the highest interest in this group but still worth mentioning for all users of the Asustore NAS devices searching for help and support in that matter: Roon 1.8 installed flawlessly on my Asustore AS6508T and runs smoothly. I can’t determine any significant increase in resource usage. CPU is still below 3% when streaming, 20% when updating roon’s database during the lift-up.

Installation happens automatically when you install the client first. Look for the server in the setup menu and it will ask you for installation of the 1.8 server. Just a few minutes to wait and you’re setup for the next dimension…

I am very happy and can recommend the migration to the next level. 1.8 is worth it anyhow :slight_smile:

Regards, Frank

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Hi Frank,

Thank you for information. It was very helpful for me. I just updated Roon on my AS6604T.
I would say the new design is not unique, almost similar as many phone apps (e.g. Plexamp). For me, the 1.7 version was better at first look.


My AS6202T is also updating to Roon 1.8.
Thanks for the great work from Christopher and the roon team.