Roon Core (831) doesn't run anymore after update to 1202

I had Roon Core build 831 running that really needed an update to a newer version. I hesitated because a read about problems updating at that time. Also my computer was really old (late '09 iMac). Now I have an MacMini M2 so time to update:

  • I’ve made a backup of the QNAP core and copied the backup to the MacMini.
  • On the MacMini I installed the latest Roon and imported the backup.
  • I pointed Roon to the file share with music on the QNAP
  • Roon did some updates and everything is running fine.
  • I’ve made a new backup om the MacMini stored on the MacMini) without any problems.

Roon runs fine on the MacMini now but I want to keep it at the QNAP. Now updating the QNAP:

  • I’ve disconnected the core on the MacMini
  • In Roon i’ve chosen update for the core on QNAP
  • It started updating but it didn’t connect after that to the QNAP
  • At the QNAP web interface I see that the Core is stopped
  • Stopping-starting the service doesn’t do much, same for a reboot
  • The Roon Server screen now says (translated):
Roon Server

Status : Stopped
Version : 2.0 (build 1202) production
QPKG-Version : 2020-07-15

The QPKG version seems to be still old. I’ve downloaded the log files but can’t find any problems there. I also tried to install an update from the Roon Server screen (the open box icon bottom left) but that doesn’t help.

How can I get Roon running on my QNAP again? I bought the QNAP for that reason :expressionless:

Should i delete the core app and reinstall it from scratch? Can I use a backup on the QNAP for that (the music folder hasn’t changed) or do I have to migrate the backup from the MacMini?

Thanks for help!

I tried to install a new core on QNAP but doesn’t update to the latest version.

Solved by downloading the QPKG from the QNAP website. Thanks yo3fxy.

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