Roon can't update on QNAP

Roon Core Machine

CPU: AMD Embedded R-Series RX-421ND
Memory: 4GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys LGS108P

Connected Audio Devices

Allo USBridge Signature Player with RoPieee

Number of Tracks in Library

About 100.000

Description of Issue

I was still running Roon Core 1.8 build 831 and wanted (and needed) to update. I hesitated because a read about problems updating at that time. After a very busy year (renovate a house and moving) i finally had some time to buy a new Mac and update Roon. It works on my new Mac with the files still on the QNAP. I moved the Core to the make because of the problems I’ve read about to test the update here first.
No problems so now update the QNAP, but the QNAP doesn’t want to update, see: Roon Core (831) doesn't run anymore after update to 1202

Today I removed the Roon app from my QNAP (because it doesn’t run) and renamed the RoonServer folder on the SSD to also keep the old database. Also I already parked a backup of the library from the Mac on the QNAP.
First problem: can’t find Roon in the QNAP store :frowning:
Ok, heading over to and downloaded the Legacy QPKG. That installed but it’s version 1.8. When I try to download the latest Roon Server version (with the open box icon in the bottom of the panel) I’ve chosen ‘Yes, download latest Roon Server’ and install I see a Roon progress indicator and after that a green check mark.
It says it stops Roon Server and installs the latest version but nothing happens :frowning:

How can I get the latest Roon working on my QNAP again?

Hi Ruben,

note: i don’t know how well Roon will run because you have only 4 GB of RAM in your NAS; but if you were happy with the performance before, maybe upgrading to Roon 2, will not have a huge impact.

With that out of the way, the OS version on your NAS is pretty old too - latest QTS 4 version is 4.5.4, and your NAS also supports QTS 5 (TS-473 - Download Center | QNAP (US))

Browsing through QNAP’s APP-Center, i see that Roon QPKG is available starting with QTS 4.5.3 onwards, so you will have to manually DL it from App Center - Entertainment - QNAP if you don’t want to upgrade your QTS version yet.

Because Roon 2.x was a major update that (at some point) broke backwards compatibility with Roon 1.x (you are no longer able to restore Roon using a pre- Roon 2 backup, if i recall corecctly), there is a Legacy QPKG available on for those who didn’t want to upgrade.

Hi yo3fxy,

Thanks for pointing me to the 2.0 package, I have it running again!

I don’t use DSP and not planning to use ARC a most of the times it works well. I’ll think I’ll add some more RAM to make it faster and more stable.

My OS version on te QNAP is old because just as Roon updating gave me problems… The first time I updated my QNAP my harddiscs wouldn’t mount anymore (encrypted volume) and my password was not recognized… I hesitate to try again… I have to contact QNAP finding out why and make more than one backup to try it again…
To be honest I’m not happy about Roon an the QNAP. I thought I have one nice solution for Core and storage and followed the advice from the Roon website to buy a QNAP TS-473. I put the database on a SSD volume (2 M.2 SSD’s in RAID 1) and the files on two harddiscs (also RAID 1). If it works it’s fine but the performance could be a bit better (I hope that extra RAM solves this) but mostly updating the QNAP and Roon software is not flawless and is taking me a lot of time.

I have downloaded the package manually and that installed. I finally have Roon Core running again on my QNAP! I didn’t knew that I could download the QPKG from QNAP so I only saw 1.8 Legacy at roononnas and used that and thought I could to 2.0 from that version.

Now there is one problem left, when I try to delete an album (stored on QNAP) it looks like it deletes the files but after that it shows a summary that it can’t delete the files. After that I can’t play the album anymore but also I can’t get the album away :frowning:

My music is on \\Music
I import music by dropping the files on the Roon application, so it creates a folder:

Roon Imports\iMac\imported at

But now I have a new Mac and files are imported in:

Roon Imports\Mac-Mini-van-Ruben\imported at

I think that when I want to delete an album from my MacMini it looks in the wrong folder and that this will create this strange behavour.
How can I manipulate this folder name without renaming the computer? Why does Roon used my computername in the first place?



I tried to rename my computer to ‘iMac’ but that doesn’t help.
When I add an album it works, it puts in in the folder:

Roon Imports\iMac

But when I want to delete the album it doesn’t delete all the files and after that I’m stuck with an album I can’t delete. I could delete it outside Roon on the NAS, but with that I still couldn’t remove the album in Roon.

I created a new topic, it’s a new problem so I think a new topic is better.

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