Roon core for NAS [completed]

Request to develop a for the most part “headless” version of Roon core that could be run on a NAS allowing for minimum hardware requirements in terms of CPU, RAM and specific underlying OS.

Expectation is this would be not used to browse one’s collection on the NAS itself and that most capabilities would be only available from a remote Roon installation. Expectation that a DAC or any playback device would not be connected directly to the NAS.

It goes without saying that you could certainly not support all the various incarnations of NAS’s out there. No vendor does as far as I know. And I certainly would not expect it to work on the Synology NAS I have right now which has 3GBs of RAM (though it can be expanded to 6GB , and an INTEL Atom C2538 (Quad Core 2.4 GHz)

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I’m also very interested in running Roon “Core” , headless , on my quite powerfull ReadyNas Pro 6 (“Debian” like OS RAIDiator-x86 ) on H/24 in a closet.

NAS Specs are:
1 x Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz
RAM Installed 4 GB

I’m currently using it to host Plex Media Server. HD video transcoding on the fly is OK so i presume it will be OK for Roon audio management.
Performance issue may perhaps impact database management if Roon is very demanding ?

Let us know.


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Having invested in a Qnap NAS with adequate power to run my Plex server I’d love to be able to run Roon on it as well. As there was ongoing investigation of putting Sooloos core on a Qnap it should be achievable.

@GeoffD, The Sooloos core for the Qnap is about to be released, no word on NAS specification yet although speculation says it will need to be X86 CPU based, so not implying a top end i7 will be necessary, Roon may of course have different resource requirements?



+1 for QNap NAS. The ideal setup would be to have RoonServer running ON NAS, virtual RoonSpeakers running on audio PC connected to DAC and everything is controlled from iPad

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I have a Synology 415+. Would love to be able to run RoonServer on this.

Yup, I have a Synology DS1513+ and would love to run Roon - server? core? - on this instead of my PC.


And another request for the Synology ds414.