Roon core for NAS & core for PC

I’m running Roon core on a PC and it’s running great. I noticed that there is now a Roon core for the Synology NAS (I use a DS1812 to store my music - it connects to the PC via ethernet).

I’m keen to play music via the iOS app from away from home, via connecting to the home network. Would I need the Roon core on the NAS or PC to do this? And if on the NAS, could I have 2 Roon cores running that would communicate with each other (i.e. changes made in one database are automatically updated in the other)?



No you don’t need it on the NAS to access it via VPN.

2 Roon cores requires 2 Roon licenses, and no they won’t communicate with each other.

But the issue is that the NAS (which stores the music) is on all the time, whereas I only fire up the PC when I’m listening at home. So for remote listening, streaming from the NAS would be better.

You didn’t mention that in your original post. In that case the NAS is the better location for the core as long as it is up to snuff performance wise.

Not sure if the DS1812+ would be?

If I remember correctly, you built a pretty fast computer for Roon. This NAS is pretty slow compared to what you built a year ago.

You’re quite right Danny. I would plan to continue to use the PC to run Roon when I am listening at home. I was interested in the NAS core so that I can access the same music collection (which is stored on the NAS) from away from home, as the NAS is always on whereas I would rather not leave the PC on all the time. Does that make sense?

just use DS Audio and quick connect when on the move…to hard to VPN setup for room anyway.

Yes, I use DS audio when on the move and it works very well. I would however like to tie-in via Roon rather than DS, as Roon has a better interface/app and also then I can tag tracks as favourites etc with the changes appearing in the Roon database.

I guess we will have to wait fro Roon to support a remote remote interface to a NAS, but your issue might still be the Core

Getting access to the Roon library while traveling was exactly the reason why I’ve chosen to install Roon on a Synology DS. Factually, I managed to connect to Roon via my mobile connection using VPN. Unfortunately that worked only a few times more or less accidentally. In the meantime it doesn’t work any longer as the server cannot be found any longer by the app connected via VPN. Has anyone experiences with that issue worth to share?

I have yet to manage to get the VPN working on my synology…I must be missing something in how to set it up…must try again as would love to have that working from my mac