Roon Core Hardware / OS options and sound quality

Thank you both @Roony and @andybob. I am not an engineer and I have a hard time understanding the possible reason for the a SQ difference when its only IP packages transported through a network cable. But if experienced listeners hear a difference, I have respect for that. I’m only wonder if I could hear a difference - only I could answer that of course. Perhaps you could hear a reflective reasoning in my line of thinking. I am trying to chose a path :slight_smile:

Let’s put it in a different way: of all the things you could do to make your system sound better, changing the file server at the other end of Ethernet from your streamer is the least important.

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That was not the question.
My pc is 4 times more expensive then the the ST, so …what are we talking about. And everything is important when you want the best possible sound for your money.

Very good point. I have enough problems with the choice of USB cable between the microRendu and the new shining Hugo 2 I have pre-ordered. It has USB micro. Shall I buy a new USB A to USB micro, as Nordost Purble Flare for about 180 euro, or use my Supra with a micro adapter. Is it ok with a cheap adapter - Audioquest have one for about 9 euro. I guess an adapter might be a negative element in the electrical chain, but by how much? I haven’t god a clue and have no way of testing it for the moment.

SonicTransporter i7 is 1499 dollar. A 6000 dollar PC, that must really be a monster machine! I also think that the things that’s making your machine expensive might rather be negative for SQ than positive, i.e. monster graphic cards.

In my line of business, we say “if every bug is a P0 (top priority), then no bug is a P0.” If anyone is going to spend time and money to improve their system, they should start in those places that really matter. No one has every provided any convincing evidence that the RAAT server makes any difference to endpoint quality, unless the RAAT server is so underpowered that it cannot do the required work and you get dropouts.

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I have an older i7, a nomal i5 with an i7 processor. 8GB Ram. 1000 dollar.
The pc has a normal video card.
It is easy, The music sounds better in both of my two sets.
With a dCS Rossini DAC and with a Aurender X-725 DAC/amp.
I only use SSD in all my computers/NAS.

Roony: And this is relevant how? Are you also using a network endpoint? Or using a direct connection to your PC?

microRendu on the dCS and also the Aurender DAC/amp. I am not using the pc as a endpoint, just as a remote.

You have lost me @Roony, what is affecting SQ in your setup from Roon server to microRendu, and why?

The different OS off the computers I think.
Linux based Sonicorbiter or Windows.
The only thing I know is, it sounds better.

Ok, a minimal, special purpose audio OS makes the difference. I have to think about that :slight_smile:

In a client/ server type setup like Roon the server machine is irrelevant unless you’ve connected y the DAC directly to it, which isn’t a great idea if seeking to maximise SQ by minimising electrical interference.


Actually, no, it isn’t. You are stuck in a very outdated paradigm that exists in analogue setups that throwing more money, or more horsepower or somehow changing something like the OS makes everything different.

And I can understand it because manufacturers have a lot to lose by not perpetuating this myth with their customers.

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What an amazing good sound I have right now.
Sonic Transporter i7 ROON / QNAP NAS> microRendu> Intona> Aurender X 725> KEF LS50.
And all this while I’m working. I wish everyone has this!
That was my last post here.

+1 This, People need to understand this and when it comes to DMoE it will never matter from one point to the other.